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Marios Verettas was born in 1947 in Athens. He studied theater directing at the Stavrakos School and has from time to time uploaded numerous theatrical performances for children and adults. He has traveled a lot and speaks six languages.

Before settling down as a "man of the book" he did many jobs, both in Greece and abroad. He traveled almost all over Europe, the Middle East, Canada, India, the Philippines, Indonesia, many times on a motorcycle.

Since 1975 he has been mainly involved in the book world, as a writer, translator, editor and publisher. He has written dozens of popular books, translated one hundred and thirty-six books from English and French, and edited many other books on behalf of various publishers. He collaborated as a writer, translator and publisher with the publishing houses Divrys, Orora, Kaktos, Patakis, Malliaris, Delfini, Margarita, Alien, Travlos, Delithanasis, Doutoumis, Ankara, Christakis, Psychogios, and others

He published also hundreds of his articles in various magazines and newspapers as well as his radio comments on the Third Program of the ERA and on Radio Lychnari of Rhodes.

At the same time, for about fifteen summers, he was involved in tourist sailing and threshed the Greek seas as a captain of rented sailboats.

In 1996 he founded the VERETTA Publishing House in Athens in order to publish his books as well as works by young pioneering Greek writers. The space of the Publishing House functioned at the same time as a bookstore, a lecture hall, a stage for theatrical performances and a meeting place for the friends of the book.

Unfortunately, some people were disturbed by this intense cultural activity, so in March 1997, a religious man set fire to the VERETTA bookstore with two Molotov cocktails, causing unbearable financial damage.

A year later, Marios Verettas started touring around Greece, participating in book fairs, lectures at cultural institutions and appearances on television, while distinguished friends supported in every way the revival of the whole effort.

In 1999 the arsonist of the bookstore was arrested and after three years of judicial obstruction he was finally sentenced to two years in prison with suspension, declaring in court that he is… "the hand of God" (!) And a member of a powerful ecclesiastical organization.

Marios Verettas continued his writing and publishing production, and in 2007, he published the quarterly philosophical magazine O KIPOS TOU EPIKOUROU in order to ensure communication and exchange of views between the friends of Epicurean Philosophy. The original philosophical magazine continued to be published for eight years and finally closed, due to the financial crisis, after 32 issues.

 In July 2009, Marios Verettas moved the Publishing House and to Rhodes, where he organized original book presentations, theatrical performances and philosophical lectures. At the same time, he encouraged literary creativity by publishing six anthologies with one hundred and fifty short stories written by contemporary Dodecanese authors, as well as remarkable poetry collections, children's books, novels, etc.

Since then he divides his time between Rhodes and Athens and continues his writing, translation and publishing activities.

He has been married five times, has a son from his first marriage and two wonderful grandchildren.

Book Shelf

Marios as a writer has written more than 50 books of philosophy and children's fairy tales, while he has translated over 130 well-known foreign titles.

Download : Marios Verretas List of All Books

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